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Want to donate deer to local hunger relief agencies? Check out the map below to find deer processors near you!


1. All deer donated must be harvested and reported in accordance with the appropriate rules and regulations of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission.

2. Deer must be delivered to a NCHFTH designated processing facility or donation site.  All participating processors facilities are reviewed by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture.  See map for participating NCHFH sites.

3. Deer must be received by processors in an acceptable condition, and in a form compliant with NCWRC transport rules.  Any deer harvested within a CWD surveillance area must be tested prior to donation or the deer's head must be provided to the meat processing location for sample collection to test for Chronic Wasting Disease.

4. A donor card must be completed to authorize the processor to possess the deer and identify the successful hunter.

5. Contact the processor prior to delivery to determine the requirements for the specific facility.


6. The venison is ground into "burger" for ease of cooking. Packages of frozen venison are distributed to local shelters, soup kitchens, and other agencies.

7. NCHFTH will reimburse program participation processors for their labor, services and supplies.


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