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A tough year for all, but tougher for some

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

COVID-19 has hit us all pretty hard. It has curtailed our freedom of movement, caused economic hardship and personal loss. It has also increased an already untenable situation. It has increased an existing worrisome level of food insecurity in our state. Numbers, prior to the pandemic were high, with up to one-in-five individuals at risk of hunger. Numbers surged during the disaster, with an across the board increase of 34%. Add to this the shortage of many foodstuffs at the beginning of the pandemic and continued manufacturing and supply chain issues throughout and it's a grim prospect for many. People at risk have become more at risk, people unaffected prior to the pandemic have experienced food insecurity for the first time and solutions have been tough to find.

You are on this page, so I suspect you know where this is going ..... one solution is support of Hunters For The Hungry. Financial support of our efforts to process as much deer meat as possible and distribute it to our network of community pantries is one means of helping. Getting out there, hunting, managing the land and resources that we have in nature and donating your harvest is another way. High protein, low fat deer meat is a boon to any pantry and it's offering to those less fortunate in our community. When next season rolls around (and it's coming), get out there, enjoy the chase, and experience the joy of giving back.

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